Evaporative Air Cooler

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Global warming, rising energy costs, power shortages and erratic supply can be devastating for any establishment, specially when it comes to cooling any premises. Conventional air- conditioners apart from being energy guzzling beasts are also contributing in global warming and are therefore required to be selected cautiously to obtain operating profitability & increase carbon credits. Hence, the need of hour calls for radical changes in conventional cooling solutions.We are also provide some more cooling solution Like:Evaporative air cooler,Evaporative air cooling,Evaporative air cooling system...Leading to birth of "GREENCON"


  • Indirect & Direct (Dual Stage) Evaporative Unit (IDEU)
  • Direct Evaporative Unit (DEU)
  • Indirect Evaporative Unit (IEU)
  • Hybrid Evaporative Unit (HEU)


Fresh outdoor air is drawn by a high efficiency fan through suitable filters and passed over the large surface area of a cooling coil which carries primary coolant being cooled through a Sensible Heat Rejection Unit, working in a heat-removal mode. Thereby, it cools the incoming air during summer from ambient dry air of 42-44°C to 30-32°C without directly adding any water vapor to the incoming air. This pre-cooled & clean air then passes through high surface air mass exchanger made of cellulose substrate, wetted by continuously flowing water thus providing direct evaporative cooling . This lowers the temperature from around 32°C to 18— 20°C which is being finally supplied to the space to be cooled through air distribution system.

Hence, this unique technology enables to provide supply air temperatures lower than the wet bulb temperature & goes even below 20°C during peak summer/ dry season.
Since it is based on 100% fresh, filtered air, hence it provides better inside conditions than Air- conditioning. However, being an evaporative cooling concept, it remains to be less effective during few days in an year when atmosphere is hot & humid


  • Modular Cabinet
  • Heat Exchanger Coils
  • Water Recirculation Pump & Tank
  • SHR Unit
  • Air Filters
  • Humidification Section
  • Blower with Motor
  • SHR Unit Pump 'Air Distribution System (if applicable)
Central cooling systems


  • Comfort cooling (Green Conditioning) with supply air temperatures as low as 18°C & room temperatures between 22 - 24°C, with humidity between 55 —65 % & that too under peak summer conditions*
  • Significantly low power consumption. It is now possible to lower the power consumption levels even up to 20% of conventional air conditioners
  • Low noise levels
  • Maintains excellent indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Prevents pollutants from entering the space to a very large extent by providing filtrations of desired level & stages
  • Delivers continuous 100% fresh filtered & treated air thus ensuring healthy & fresh inside atmosphere
  • Provides positive pressure thus eliminating any kind of dust or pollutant infiltration
  • Replaces any kind of odor / smoke being generated within the conditioned area with 100% cool fresh air
  • Provides quick cooling since it works on 100% displacement of air
  • Reduces the propagation of airborne diseases since there is no recirculation of air
  • No requirement to make airtight partitions in the conditioned areas. Since it works on 100% fresh air, thus improves conditions in the leak out areas
  • Eco- friendly, efficient and economical to operate
  • Optional UV lights & Inbuilt Ozonizer provides continuous fresh & bacteria free air
  • Optional BMS Compatibility. Multiple units can be controlled & operated through PC & temperature & RH Data could be recorded


  • Lowest power consumption. As low as only 20% of conventional AC system.
  • Practically, 'Zero' maintenance, no expensive repairs
  • Lowest down time
  • No compressor, nor 03 Depleting substances like refrigerant gas
  • No recirculation, hence better IAQ.
  • Works on 100% fresh air, hence no air borne disease.
  • Convenience of installation
  • Room conditions and indoor air quality within comfort limits & even better than normal AC system during peak summer conditions.


Commercial air conditioning systems
  • Since it works on ambient conditions, it is recommended only for dry & moderate climates
  • Inside comfort levels not comparable toAC system during few days in a year when it is hot & humid & is limited upto 28 — 30° C.


  • Capacities range from 1000 CFMu to 40000 CFM in different customized configurations for modular units.
  • For higher requirements it goes even up to 200,000 CFM for built-up structures.
  • High statics units can be provided as per application requirement starting from 250 to 1500 Pascal
  • Various filtration options are available starting from 20 micron to 0.3 micron as per application requirement.
  • Can provide a total HVAC solution including design, supply, installation & commissioning of complete system including its air-distribution system.

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